The company is committed to create high-quality
products, using sophisticated and international
standard technology in production process in order
to serve clients' most satisfaction effectively.

    The company is confidence to become one of the best manufacturer in cement industry of Thailand.

         - Create high quality products
        The company concentrates on producing high-
    quality products, using machinery and equipment
    with advanced technology, also being supported
    by specialists in management and production
        - Establish long term of good relationship
         The company emphasize on business code of
    conduct and ethic for mutual benefits among
    stakeholders: clients, business associates, alliances,
    employees, and shareholders, including social
    public and national accountability.
        - Contribute to Corporate Social Responsibility
         The company attempt to employ Green
    technology in business process, by avoid air
    contamination and pollution in working process
    and concerning environment conservation for
    sustainable quality in living society.